sheila naughton




De Nimes series

De Nîmes

A limited series of one hundred numbered original watercolours by Sheila Naughton.


A recent article in the Irish Times by Arminta Wallace “How to start an Irish Art Collection for under €100” caught my eye. Initially I was outraged at the idea that artists would receive so little for their work. That, I thought, is why artists make prints!


But then I wondered if it was possible to make work that was affordable to everyone. And if so, how? I like the idea that art should be affordable for everyone in a democratic society, so I set myself a challenge. If I could produce a series of works in a given size within a given timeframe and make enough of them, then perhaps they could be made affordable to everyone. So, using the same size sheets of paper and a single colour, I decided to make one hundred works for one hundred euros each which would be made available for the one day Nissan Art CBS at Russborough House.


The works will subsequently be available to purchase at the same original price from the Olivier Cornet Gallery. No two works are the same so they are all unique pieces. The title of the series De Nîmes is based on a mix of blues that I like to use in homage to a city that I love.


Sheila Naughton, 2018